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Health and Security III

Profs Senshi Fukashiro, Naoshi Fukui and Hideo Hatta


Effects of Exercise to Promote Health 


    Exercise is an inevitable stimulus to promote health. The effect of exercise is not only on increasing caloric expenditure but also on stimulating adaptations to change inner environment of body. Exercise can increase muscle mass and muscle power and give us smooth locomotion. On the other hand, excess stimulus by exercise can cause deficiencies such as on knees and legs.

    This course provides overview of the effect of exercise and health promotion by three professors.  Prof. Fukashiro introduces effects of exercise through biomechanical analysis of body motion. Prof. Fukui explains medical aspects of exercise. Prof. Hatta analyzes biochemical aspects of exercise on health promotion.



Biomechanics of human motions

Methodology of Biomechanics

Role of muscle-tendon complex in motions

Standing posture and locomotion in human

Evaluation of several motions in sports

Energy metabolism

Lactate Threshold

Effects of exercise on carbohydrate metabolism

Exercise intensity as a determinant of lipid metabolism

Exercise training and health promotion related to energy metabolism

Common health problems in daily life

Age-related health problems and diseases

Benefits of exercise in health promotion

Sports-related injuries I  Upper extremities and spine

Sports-related injuries II  Lower extremities

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