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Energy Technology and Natural Resources III

Prof. Tatsura Masuda

Course Objectives/Overview

 Photosynthesis is a process in which light energy is captured and stored by an organism, and the stored energy is used to drive cellular processes. This remarkable process provides the foundation for essentially all life and has over geologic time profoundly altered the Earth itself. It provides all our food and most of our energy resources. 

  In this course, by treating photosynthetic organisms as primary producer in ecological system, I will introduce the principle mechanism and evolution of photosynthesis, environmental acclimation processes, and application aspects of photosynthesis. In addition, I will also introduce topics of genetically modified organisms (GMO) from aspects of production techniques, applications in agricultural fields, and regulation.


・Role of photosynthesis on ecological system

・Principle mechanism of photosynthesis

・Light reaction of photosynthesis

・Carbon fixation reaction of photosynthesis

・Evolution of photosynthesis

・Photosynthetic organisms

・Acclimation to light environment of photosynthesis

・Photomorphogenesis and light signaling in plants

・Genetically modified organisms

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