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Energy and Resources

Matsuda, Yasuyuki
M.Sc., Ph. D. (Kyoto University)
symmetry, exotic atom, particle physics

Profile & Research Activities

Prof. Matsuda earned his MSc and PhD in Science from Kyoto University for his research work on parity symmetry violation in nuclear reaction. The symmetries in nature have enchanted him since then, and Prof. Matsuda's group currently engages in a research project which aims to measure antihydrogen atom's ground-state hyperfine splitting. This measurement, being carried out at CERN, Switzerland, will test charge-parity-time symmetry (CPT symmetry) in unprecedented accuracy. The collaboration has attained an important milestone in 2010, generating an atomic beam of antihydrogen, which earned high credits including "the breakthroughs of the year" by PhysicsWorld.com from the Institute of Physics. Prof. Matsuda's group is also actively working on another research program to measure muonium atom's ground-state hyperfine splitting. This experiment will utilize high intensity muon beam available at J-PARC, Ibaraki-ken, Japan, and aims to measure the splitting in a precision of a few Hz, which is about 10-5 of the natural width. This will be a unique test of bound-state QED theory, and the result will be a foundation of another experimental program, which aims to measure anomaly magnetic moment of muon in J-PARC. Prof. Matsuda works with two assistant professors Drs. Torii and Kuroda, and all staff members speak English.

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