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Hatta, Hideo
Exercise Physiology, Exercise Biochemistry, Energy Metabolism
Hatta Lab


Professor Hideo Hatta was born in Tokyo and had received the graduate school of education of Bachelor, MSc and PhD programs at Faculty of Education, The University of Tokyo. After that, he was teaching exercise science and physical activity at The University of Tokyo at Komaba. Now, he is teaching the exercise physiology and biochemistry in MSc and PhD program and in undergraduate students at The University of Tokyo at Komaba.

Research Interests

Professor Hatta's main interest is energy metabolism related to exercise, particularly lactate and carbohydrate metabolism. Adaptation to exercise training is also an important aspect in his studies. His main approach is biochemical analysis measuring substrate concentrations, protein expression of enzymes, substrate transporters and others using rats and mice during and after exercise. He also has done some research using horses.

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