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Environmental Principles

Sasaki, Jun
D. Eng.
Estuarine and Coastal Environment, Coastal Engineering, Hydro-environmental Engineering, Coastal zone management
Estuarine and coastal Environment Laboratory

Educational background

March 1991 Bachelor of Engineering, Civil Engineering, The University of Tokyo
March 1993 Master of Engineering, Civil Engineering, The University of Tokyo
November 1996 Doctor of Engineering, Civil Engineering, The University of Tokyo


I was born in 1967 and raised in Tokyo. I was educated in the field of hydraulics and coastal engineering, earning Doctor of Engineering in 1996. After shortly working as PD of JSPS Research Fellow, I was appointed as research associate at Graduate School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo, in 1997. I was transferred to newly established Graduate School of Frontier Sciences as associate professor in 1999. I was then transferred to Department of Civil Engineering, Yokohama National University in 2002, being promoted to professor in 2009. After working at Yokohama National University for nearly 11 years, I have returned to Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, the University of Tokyo in 2013. I was also serving as visiting scholars at Asian Institute of Technology (December 1999 - February 2000) and University of Florida (August 2007 - November 2007).
I have conducted research on estuarine and coastal environmental processes, including field monitoring, numerical modeling of physical and biogeochemical processes, and application of open-source models for seeking sound resolution for environmental and disaster mitigation issues. Environmental management of polluted semi-enclosed coastal waters and disaster mitigation against tsunamis and storm surges in bays have been main topics. Targeting developing countries such as Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh, I have also studied sustainability of coastal areas using GIS, remote sensing, and questionnaire, including mangrove forest management and climate change mitigation and adaptation. Currently I have been leading a project on blue carbon in urban bays, which is aiming at evaluation of carbon removal and emission in Tokyo Bay along with seeking sound measures for promoting co-benefits of fisheries and other ecosystem services.

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