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Environmental Principles

Ishihara, Kohji
D. Litt. (PhD.)
Philosophy and Ethics of Technology, Phenomenology, Philosophy of Mind


B.A. in Philosophy (Waseda University, 1991), M.A. in Philosophy (The University of Tokyo, 1993), D.Litt. in Philosophy (The University of Tokyo, 1996).


Kanto-Gakuin University, Lecturer in Philosophy (part-time, 1996-1997), Hokkaido University, Associate Professor of Ethics (April 1997- March 2008), The University of Tokyo, Associate Professor at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (April 2008- present).

Selected Papers

Kohji Ishihara and Tamami Fukushi, Introduction: Roboethics as an Emerging Field of Ethics of Technology, Accountability in Research, 17: 1-5 (2010); Kohji Ishihara and Tetsuya Kono (eds.),Progress of Ethics of Technology, Tamagawa University Press, 2009; Kohji Ishihara, "Reductionism in the synthetic approach in cognitive science and Phenomenology. Rethinking Dreyfus' critique of AI," in Cheung and Chung-Chi (eds.), Phenomenology 2005, Volume I: Selected Essays from Asia, Zeta Books, Bucharest, Dec. 2007, pp. 211-228; T. Nitta, N. Kurata and K. Ishihara (eds.), Introduction to Ethics in Technology, Kyoto: Sekaishisosha, 2005 (Japanese); Kohji Ishihara, "Risk Analysis and Society. Ethics in Risk Assessment, Management, and Communication," Siso, Tokyo: Iwanamishoten, July 2004 (No.963), pp.82-101 (Japanese).

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