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Measurement and Evaluation

Delaunay, Jean-Jacques
Associate Professor
Environmental sensing, Energy conversion, Nanotechnology, Optics
TEL: +81-3-5841-3017

Educational Background

1995 Ph. D., Louis Pasteur University of Strasbourg
1991 Engineer diploma "École Nationale Supérieure de Physique de Strasbourg"
1988 Bachelor in Physics, Louis Pasteur University of Strasbourg

Research Interests

My group specializes in the fabrication of micro/nanostructures and their use in energy conversion devices and optical devices with sub-wavelength dimensions. By advancing micro/nanofabrication techniques, we are able to design and fabricate micro/nanostructures that interact strongly with their external environment. For example, efficient sorption of airborne water molecules on mesoporous materials can be used for cooling purposes, and enhanced light-matter interactions in metallic structures can be exploited to realize highly sensitive sensors for biological/medical applications or ultra-fast all-optical switches for telecommunications. Current research topics include control of thermal emission using micro/nano structuration, surface-wave devices for bio-detection and all-optical switching, and all-optical force sensors using transparent elastic structures.

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