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Materials Systems and Dynamics

Oki, Taikan
Ph. D.
Global Hydrology, Global Change, Millennium Sustainability
Hydrology and Water Resources Laboratory
TEL: +81-3-5452-6382   FAX: +81-3-5452-6383


Prof. Taikan Oki received his Ph.D in Civil Engineering at The University of Tokyo in 1993.

Before he became a professor at IIS, The University of Tokyo in 2006, he stayed as a Visiting Scientist at NASA/GSFC, USA, for 1995-97, as an Associate Professor at the Research Institute for Humanity and Nature in Kyoto, Japan, for 2001-03, and as a Deputy Director for Environment and Energy at the Council for Science and Technology Policy, Cabinet Office of Japan, for 2005-06, where he supported policy making, prioritization and evaluation of measures of science and technology in Japan.

He supported IPCC Fourth Assessment Report and the UN-Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, and he is one of the coordinating lead authors for the fifth assessment report of IPCC.

He got many awards including the Biwako Prize for Ecology in 2011, the Japan Academy Medal from The Japan Academy, and JSPS PRIZE from Japan Society for the Promotion of Science in 2008.

His research interests within the field of global hydrology and world water resources including the virtual water trade and water footprint, impacts of climate change on hydrological extremes, and integrated water resources managements in Asian Monsoon regions.

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