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Announcement of Oral Defenses by Masters students

Graduate Program on Environmental Sciences (GPES) Oral Defenses by M2 Students.

The schedule for second-year Master student's (M2) Oral Defenses has been established as described below.

First-year Master (M1), Doctoral students, and PEAK ES students are welcome to attend.

Venue: KIBER 110


Thursday, June 21st            10:3011:05:            Lin,Gengxian Shunji

Tuesday, July 3rd                 11:3012:05:           Qiu, Linguang

Venue: KIBER 213

Friday, June 22nd                14:0014:35:           Trinh, Xuan Truong

Tuesday, June 26th              12:1512:50:           Herlambang, Tigar Bayu

Tuesday, June 26th              11:0011:35:           Zhang, Xiaoya

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