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Measurement and Evaluation

Ito, Motomi
Doctor of Science
Biodiversity Informatics, Evolutionary Biology, Plant Systematics


Prof. Ito obtained Dr. Sci. in biology at Kyoto University in 19xx. He was assistant professor at Makino Herbarium, Tokyo Metropolitan University in 1987, and was the associate professor of Chiba University in 1993. He moved to The University of Tokyo as associate professor in 2000, and is professor since 2005. The main research interests of his laboratory are biodiversity and evolutionary biology. The research subjects of the laboratory members are plant speciation, conservation biology, interaction between plants and insects, biodiversity genomics, and so on. His laboratory is now one of the center of biodiversity informatics in Japan, and working for GBIF-Japan National Node and Japan Barcode of Life Initiative. For more information, access to a laboratory web site.

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