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Materials Systems and Dynamics

Onaka, Makoto
Doctor of Science
Catalysis Chemistry, Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Green Chemistry


Prof. Onaka obtained Dr. Sci. in chemistry at The University of Tokyo in 1980 under the supervision of Prof. Teruaki Mukaiyama. He was assistant professor at Nagoya University in 1981, and had his post-doctoral experience with Prof. Jean-Marie Lehn in Luis Pasteur University in France from 1990 to 1991. He moved to The University of Tokyo as associate professor in 1995, and is professor since 2005. His main reseach interest is to develop new catalytic systems for organic synthesis using inorganic materials with nanopores such as zeolites, mesoporous silicates, mesoporous aluminas, and various metal ion-exchanged clay minerals, which can promote organic reactions efficiently, selectively and safely.

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