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Health and Security

Fukashiro, Senshi
Sport Biomechanics, Computer Simulation, Total Wellness


Professor Senshi Fukashiro had received the graduate school of education of MSc and PhD programs (Biomechanics) at University of Tokyo. After that, he was teaching at National Institute of Fitness and Sports, Institute of Sports Medicine & Science, and Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies in University of Tokyo. Now, he is teaching the biomechanics in MSc and PhD program and the mechanics of human movements in undergraduate students at University of Tokyo.

Research Interests

Professor Fukashiro's research interest is to analyze the mechanisms ofdynamic human movements such as running, jumping, throwing and so on. The mechanisms has been analyzed by inverse dynamics using Motion capture and force-plate system, and by forward solution using computer simulation. His goal is to support sport athletes perform better by biomechanics. Also, he had contributed to the International Society of Biomechanics as an executive council.

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