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Matsuda, Ryoichi
M.Sc. (Chiba Univ.), D.Sc. (Tokyo Metropolitan Univ.)
Cell Biology, Skeletal Muscle, Muscular Dystrophy


Prof. Matsuda graduated Tokyo Metropolitan University and obtained his M. Sc. from Chiba University and D. Sc. from Tokyo Metropolitan University. He worked as postdoctoral fellow at Department of Zoology, the University of California at Berkeley and was appointed as an assistant professor at Department of biology, Tokyo Metropolitan University. He returned to the States as a senior scientist at the W. Alton Jones Cell Science Center at Lake Placid, NY. Then he was appointed as an associate professor at the University of Tokyo. He serves as a coordinator of Japan team for the International Biology Olympiad and as a manager of Muscular Dystrophy Research Group supported by the Japanese government. He became a member of the admission office for "PEAK" in 2010.

Research Interests

Prof. Matsuda has been studying developmental biology of skeletal muscle in various aspects, activation mechanism of skeletal muscle stem cell, satellite cells and development of read-through drug to rescue genetic diseases caused by nonsense mutation. He established a vital staining method to visualize degenerating muscle fibers in dystrophic muscle by using Evans Blue Dye. This method became an international standard to evaluate therapeutic effects of gene transfer and drug administration to rescue muscular dystrophy.

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