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Oguchi, Takashi
Ph. D.
Traffic Engineering, Traffic Management and Control, Highway Design
Traffic Engineering Lab
TEL: +81-3-5452-6387


Dr. Takashi Oguchi acquired his PhD from the University of Tokyo in 1993 and worked in Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. and Tokyo Metropolitan University before joining to the Univ. of Tokyo in 2011.

His major research topic is traffic engineering; including highway traffic capacity, geometric design and driving behavior, advance mobility research, and impact study of traffic management and control. One of recent his achievement was the development of a CO2 emission model which can estimate the emission from vehicles on urban road network considering the effects of dynamic traffic condition such as traffic congestion. He also worked in the research field of ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) and is still tackling with the development of driving behavior models for evaluating the impact of ACC (Advanced Cruise Control) on the bottleneck phenomena at expressway sag sections caused by driving behavior affected by sag highway geometry. These days, he is now mostly interested in the urban traffic signal control which can be improved by the new devices sensing the traffic condition and can have much room for improvement of control design policy, control theory, and parameter identification procedures.

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