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Ninomiya, Seishi
Agroinformatics, Fieldinformatics, Biometrics
Ninomiya Lab, Institute of Sustainable Agro-ecosystem Services


Professor Seishi Ninomiya was born in Tokyo. He received BAg from the Faculty of Agriculture, the University of Tokyo and MAg and PhD from the Graduate School of Agriculture, the University of Tokyo. His original major was applied plant genetics and plant breeding and, after he was appointed as an assistant professor of the Laboratory of Biometrics in the same university, he initiated a new research filed to combine agricultural science and computer science. In 1991, he moved to National Institute of Agro-Environmental Sciences, MAFF located in Tsukuba-city of Japan. Since then, he has been leading several national research projects on ICT for agriculture. He was one of the core members when the Department of Information Science and Technology was founded in National Agricultural and Food Research Organization and became the director. In 2010, he came back to the University of Tokyo when the Institute of Sustainable Agro-ecosystem Services was initiated.

Research Interests

•ICT for sustainable agriculture
•Sustainable rural development using ICT
•High-throughput phenotyping utilizing sensing technologies

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