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Energy and Resources

Iida, Makoto
Project Associate Professor
Renewable Energy, Numerical Simulation, Energy and Environmental Education
TEL: +81-3-5452-5099


2001. 03 Ph.D, School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo (UT)
2001. 04 Research Associate, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, School of Engineering, UT
2002. 04 Research Associate, Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Information Systems, School of Engineering, UT Project 04
2006. 04 Lecturer, Institute of Engineering Innovation, School of Engineering, UT
2008. 04 Lecturer, Komaba Organization for Educational Excellence, UT
2010. 08 Project Associate Professor, RCAST, UT

Research Interests

Our laboratory is researching various wind energy conversion system for utilization of renewable energy. Wind turbine actives on natural wind conditions with a constant chum. Especially in Asian monsoon area, they have many complex terrains and typhoon. The optimum wind turbine blade development and an international standard document is required under the circumstances. Furthermore, the optimum PV-Wind hybrid system is needed as a promising next generation dispersed power system.
The focus of our research is on the design of the optimum wind turbine system and mechanisms of the flow around wind turbine. Typical research projects are 1) a high efficient small wind energy conversion system based on the computational fluid dynamics technology, 2) development of next generation high efficient and noise reduction wind turbine blade with carbon fiber and/or some materials, 3) intelligent control system for high reliability activation, and 4) the optimum PV-Wind hybrid system. Futhermore Blow-hole Wave Energy System based on wind energy knowledgement.

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